Verified Sellers

  • Bizsomia features products from only verified sellers who have completed their KYC by submitting their contact and business details.
  • Every detail provided by Seller during KYC is verified by our customer success team.
  • With more than 10,000 products, you are bound to find the perfect match for your needs.

Zero Commission

  • Bizsomia doesn’t charge any sort of hidden commission for the deals you make.
  • The entire margin you earn is yours.
  • So enjoy trading and your rising profits.

Online Negotiation

  • With the Offer Management System, you can negotiate all you want.
  • Buyers begin by placing an offer for the product they wish to purchase.
  • The Seller gets the options to either ‘Accept’, ‘Reject’, or ‘Counter’ the offer made by the buyer.
  • And the cycle goes on until both the parties reach a mutual agreement.

One Click Listing

  • Listing your products is a simple process.
  • One click and your product gets listed in your catalogue. You don’t need to submit any additional documentation.

Advertise With Us

  • You can reach 20,000+ more people by advertising with us.
  • The Ad Banner will appear on top of the Home Feed.
  • It will redirect the viewers to either Your Bizsomia Profile, One of your Products, or any external link when they click on your Ad.