Edit Profile

Steps to 'Edit Profile'

    1. Click on Biz icon

    2. Click on Profile picture

    3. Click on Edit Profile

    4. You can update About and Contact Details

    5. Click on Save to save changes

Verify GSTIN

Steps to 'Verify GSTIN'. Verified GSTIN is mandatory to add product/service.

    1. Option 1 : Click on + and then click on 'Verify GSTIN'

    2. Option 2 : Go to your profile and under GSTIN, click on 'Verify GSTIN'

    3. On verification page, enter valid GSTIN and click on Submit

    4. Confirm company name and click on Submit

Add Product

Steps to 'Add Product'

    1. Click on +

    2. Fill all required Details in Product Form

    3. Click 'Save' to save changes

Update Product Details

Steps to 'Update Product Details'

    1. Go to Catalogue under your Profile

    2. Click on 3 dots beside the product, you want to update

    3. Click 'Delete' to delete the product

    4. Click 'Edit' to edit the product details

    5. Update the details in form

    6. Click Save to save changes

Contact Seller

Steps to 'Contact Seller'

    Option 1: Open Product Details and click Chat Now to Send Message

    Option 2 : Go to Seller Profile under Product Details and Send Message

    Option 3 : Go to Seller Profile from Home/Feed page and Send Message

Provide Rating and Review

Steps to 'Provide Rating and Review' for any Company

    1. Go to Company Profile

    2. Go to Reviews Section

    3. To write Review, you must follow Company

    4. Click on Write Review

    5. Update Rating and Review on Form

    6. Click Submit once done

Change Password

Steps to 'Change Password'

    1. Go to Settings

    2. Click on 'Change Password'

    3. Enter old and new password

    4. Click on Submit once done

Change Preferred Category

Steps to 'Change Preferred Category'

    1. Go to Settings

    2. Click on Personalize your Feed

    3. Change your preference and click Done