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Quick KYC

It’s just a matter of minutes. Enter the following information to start trading:

    Your Contact Number and Email Id are needed for notification and communication purpose.
    In compliance with the law, you need a GST registration to sell products online.

Unlimited Product Uploads

  • You can add as many products as you want to your Catalogue.
  • You can even share this catalogue with anybody who wants to see your products.

Broadcast Your Products

  • You can broadcast your products to the home feed, so other users on the platform can see them.
  • You can do this by navigating to your Catalogue and selecting the broadcast option for the product you wish to broadcast.

Negotiate your Prices

  • You no longer need to be face to face to strike a deal with your Buyers.
  • Through the Offer Management System, you can easily negotiate with your Buyers and get a reasonable deal.

Own all the profit you make

  • There is no hidden commission when it comes to selling on Bizsomia.
  • So you get to keep all the profit you make.
  • Simply interact with your customers, negotiate with them and start closing your deals.

Talk Directly with Buyers

  • Using the ‘Chat Now’ feature in the application, Buyers can contact you directly about any additional queries related to your products.
  • Responding to such queries as soon as possible will help you with good customer relationship management.

Reply to Requirements

  • You can respond to the requirements posted by Buyers on the feed.
  • Requirements related to your industry will be shown on your feed.
  • The Buyer can place the order, only after price and quantity has been agreed upon.